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Power of Positivity


Femi Jiz

Std. X

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts your life will begin to change.”

Once there was a crippled boy called Edward. When he was born itself, he had this problem. Like every other kid he used to go to school. All of his friends used to tease him and he had totally lost his confidence and he came running towards his mother. When mother saw him crying, she asked him why are you crying? So the boy replied, “all my friends are teasing me because I am crippled.” So mother said to him not to feel sad about being disabled. Because God has created everyone with a reason. God has given you your disability as a blessing. God always does everything for a reason. So do not be disappointed. You should consider this weakness as your strength and make the impossible possible. Its all in your mind to make or to do something extra ordinary. Always be positive stay positive, think positive, because it all starts within.

Always have a positive thought in your mind because nothing is impossible everything is possible.

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